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Greg Denney is disrespect to this profession. He is rude. He is fake. The best part is he thinks he's intimidating but he's a clown. He puffers up like a blowfish to intimidate men, women, attorneys, and tugs his tail for a judge. I feel sorry for his wife to be honest, I'm quite sure he's abusive. Read all the reviews you can about Greg Denney at the negative comments are real. The positive, perfect scores are his employees trying to keep him a pay check. Want proof? Inquire to the Tulsa Bar and Oklahoma Bar Association and see how many complaints the loser Greg Denney has about his professionalism….or better yet his lack of it.

This lawyer is in your corner until you pay him all the money he requires and then he is so hard to get in touch with. He doesn't honor his contract. Breaks agreements and does not follow through on anything he states. He is not a man of honor or integrity and should not be representing any court of law or client. More focused on his 4 houses and 7 cars that following up or returning calls. In Closing his firm is incompetent and does not know any of the updated disclosure orders and does nothing to protect personal information. Embarrassment to the law profession!

Literally the worst decision I've ever made in my life.I hired him to enforce visitation with my daughter.Went to court numerous times with no results till I had to go to work in India to keep up with his charges. I asked him to delay my case till I could return. At the next court date he told the judge he didn't know where I was. The judge cited me with contempt,denied my visitation, and ordered me to pay for my ex wifes lawyer. Greg only told me about the visitation denial. Three years later a cop shows up at my door with a warrant for my arrest and I spend the next 21 days in jail. $8,000 to Greg, $4,103 in apposing lawyer fees,21 days in jail, and 5 years without seeing my daughter. There is a special place in *** for people like Greg Denney. If you like throwing thousands of dollars down the drain go ahead and hire this (almost called him a man)snake.

Absolutely awful. I feel bad for anyone who has to work with him in an attorney/client capacity or in the courtroom. He gives attorneys a bad name and conducts himself with little respect.

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Monetary Loss: $13500.

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Oklahoma, United States #865617

Greg Denney neglected to tell the courts that my 9 year old daughter tried to commit suicide while we were going though trial because she was so unhappy being in her mothers care.and instead said she was a happy thriving child.

he also told the courts that her mothers boyfriend was no problem after he recived a charge of recklessly wielding a firearm that Denney had deffered.

well needless to say the boyfriend snapped a few weeks ago choked out my ex in front of my daughter and started firing at my daughter, her siblings and there mother.I hold him personaly responsible for this.


Please remove this post. The content constitutes libel.


I have seen this comment on several different sites and as several different posts.It seems like it is just one person who did not like the outcome of his or her case.

Sometimes your lawyer can be a great attorney and do the best job anyone could do and it still is not enough to make the person happy. What you do plays a huge role in the outcome.

For example if you have to pay child support, that amount is set by law and is based on your personal factors.There is nothing your lawyer can do to change that.


I had court today and he didn't show and no one from his form showed up to represent me. On top of that he sent my ex husbands lawyer stating he was in child support compliance and he is not! I specially called his office yesterday to tell him I have received nothing in child support, my ex is over $14k behind and Greg has done nothing to help me!!


I'm a local client from Broken Arrow, OK by the way...not sure why it says Mt Joy, PA...


Blowfish?No way.

Snake? Pishaw...more like a top-of-the-line pure bred pitbull in the courtroom! Change the record on the baby momma/daddy drama and wait for your day in court where his representation pays off and is well worth the price. I've been a client for over a year and he and his staff are competent, honest folks that always respond to calls and emails.

And the comment about abusing his wife? - that's waaaayyy out of line and he should sue you for defamation.

Don't know about you, but I'm glad I have this guy on MY side, not the other way around.:eek

to Sammy H. Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States #757870

I am the man who went to jail because of his incompetence.Pit bull in court?

I guess you still owe him money.Wait till he thinks he can't get anything else from you and then tell us what you think of him.

to Brett #776320

I do not know of many, if any, people who have a business and provide their services for free. Furthermore, there are fees associated with cases that the individual attorney has no control over.

to Brett #1116927

I have to agree with you.

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